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Certificate of Analysis 

500mg Broad Spectrum Tincture

3000mg Broad Spectrum Tincture

500mg Full Spectrum Tincture 

1000mg Broad Spectrum Tincture

1000mg Broad Spectrum Nightfall

1000mg Full Strength Daybreak Tincture

1000mg Full Spectrum Nightfall Tincture

Salve: 1000mg Full Spectrum Relief

Skin Healing Cream: 500mg Full Spectrum

200mg Full Spectrum Lavender Bath Salts

1000mg Full Spectrum Lemon Tincture

1000mg Full Spectrum Lavender Tincture

500mg Full Spectrum Cream

 325mg/650mg K-Tape Roll

Our products are lab tested from start to finish to ensure top quality


We ensure that our products are FDA compliant and are under 0.3% THC

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